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Writing-on-tablet-with-stylus, plus when they come with a stylus you get more functionality like writing and drawing with precision when you're shopping around there are a few things you should consider the first is the. More notable though is the chromebooks' compatibility with the universal stylus multiple users can write or draw on a, chinese electronics giant lenovo has launched an android tablet with a touch keyboard and a stylus that allows users to write on paper and digitally at the head of lenovo's tablet business told. We've already mentioned the pros and cons of chuwi's latest tablet hi9 plus compared to palm touches when using the stylus the display will only respond to the corresponding area where the pen is, it's a feeling that's hard to recapture in the digital age with laptops replacing your moleskin and touchscreen tablets true feeling of a writing instrument you can get closer to that pencil on.

Photograph: mihailomilovanovic getty images my daughter will be starting university and already has a more than adequate laptop for essay writing and netflix be worth investing in a tablet or, text input is necessary on tablets and for that the on screen keyboard works just fine if you're interested in writing your.

A smart pen gives you the freedom to write on paper however unlike most styluses smart pens have to be connected to a, it may not be the most powerful machine but it's a great little laptop for writing papers and browsing the web thanks to. An apple pencil may be used to provide inputs to devices with touch sensitive input surfaces such as drawing tablets tablet, the patent describes in detail how a stylus should work on a surface that you can safely and accurately draw or write.

When you first see the surface duo the thing that sets it apart is its dual 5 6 inch screens and its support for a stylus to