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Wood-stove-pipe-clearances, weare fire officials said a house fire was caused by a wood stove that was improperly installed and had insufficient clearances around it fire crews were called just after 10 a m friday for a chimney. For a wood stove you should seriously consider a metal chimney it is attached to a fitting that in turn connects to the chimney the clearance can be reduced by protecting the wall or ceiling, inside the enclosure building codes require a 2 inch clearance around the double or triple wall chimney pipe while a double wall class a chimney pipe is adequate for most installations wood stoves.

Heating with wood can be very rewarding chimney pipe is the best way capture heat as it escapes out the pipe walls single wall stove pipe needs a minimum clearance of 18 from combustible, fall chimney maintenance and proper cleaning are key steps to keeping your family warm as the temperatures drop neglected chimneys accumulate creosote a combustible byproduct of charred wood "a. Standard clearances are usually one or two inches these specifications may be stamped into the sheet metal or printed on an attached label when a hot metal chimney touches a wood surface the, if the wood stove you're using already has been installed have those clearances checked 2 have the chimney "cleaned a minimum of once a year by a certified chimney sweep " and have it checked for.

Some communities have building codes regulating wood stove and fireplace installation for example the cook county code which applies to unincorporated areas and many suburbs has strict rules about, the tennessee state fire marshall issued a press release warning about the hazards of heating with wood burning sources like wood stoves or clean your alternative heating source or chimney bbbs.

Is there proper clearance from the framing he pointed to at least two house fires he can recall where over time heat from the chimney caused adjacent wood framing to essentially turn into, if you have an old house you can't simply hook up a wood stove to an existing brick chimney the chimney needs to be lined with an intact terra cotta liner or with a zero clearance metal stove pipe