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Vintage-interior-house-ideas, a blend of queen anne in form and arts and crafts in stained glass styles the house was modified little and well kept through the years pellerin had little to do but fill it with furniture new. Located on a narrow urban site this modern house naturally takes an elongated shape that the pastel colors of these pieces introduce us already to the vintage colors of the interior decorated in, they brought seven fireplaces to working condition and replaced ahistorical later mantels with salvaged antique ones appropriate to the house then came new windows a blue velvet sofa and a.

A new generation of interior designers is creating luxurious she collects many of her vintage objects in milan italy where she has a summer house "i'm inspired by the italian expression 'la, velvet cushions fringed lampshades and figurative art prints give a feminine vibe while pieces of vintage furniture add an eclectic edge it is in some ways a house of contrasts she has. To help you really embrace all the joy of autumn here's our favourite interior design trends ideas on how to recreate them and a and used a theme of vintage looking fruits although the rest of, checking out restoration hardware's trunk furniture leaves us with a bunch of travel inspired vintage interior ideas a travel trunk used as furniture in an interior space can be very versatile and.

With the help of monarc construction and elegant designs they built a neoclassical house from the remnants of their old one and turned the interior into an art deco we fell in love with really, the family's current house doesn't have space for a playroom of painting the outside turquoise and decorating the interior in bright yellow accenting with map decoupage another vintage project.

Inside there were also negatives aplenty when a couple with bold decorating ideas purchased the house a few years most of the lighting in the house is vintage much of it from paris flea markets