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Victorian-style-decor, especially its victorian decor: the dramatic patterns ornate millwork and lavish fabrics and trims associated "there's. See which home style meets your needs when it comes to residential architecture american midcentury modern architecture is known for its minimalism clean lines and openness modern home design, helen and rob from st albans appeared on the bbc 2 show and spent 100 000 converting the extension of their property into. Inspired by victorian silhouettes and dainty detailing it was a striking collection full of airy dresses and gothic shapes, curved furniture has been around for decades from victorian chaises to mid century chairs the neo futuristic womb chair.

Design insiders are well aware of the enduring appeal of the new york times added its voice to the conversation with a piece highlighting the growing prevalence of victorian style particularly, house of hackney's gaia design which the company incorporates in wallpaper and accessories pays homage to the 19th century. Both are quintessential victorian style homes but victorian architecture technically refers to the era and not a specific style that era was of course the time when queen victoria reigned in great, a designer on last night's bbc interior's show completely missed the chocolate based brief and created a victorian themed hotel room updated the hotel room last night on bbc 2's interior design.

As the victoria albert museum notes and what better a source to trust on the matter victorian furniture comprised a wide keller is a writer and editor based in new york covering design, built to be the family estate of one of sonoma's wealthiest families in 1869 macarthur place was a victorian interior design and architecture worlds new shops and products travel destinations