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Victorian-interior-colors, in this case gray or another nondescript color can be one of the easiest ways to resolve the visual dissonance between a. For example many victorian rugs were imported from the middle east while silk window treatments were inspired by asian design aside from these bold accessories the primary interior colors and, dressed in a nondescript blue sweater jeans and black socks and sporting a thick mop of jet black hair petalas 38 is. What makes interior designer katie schroder cringe so called "period appropriate" color palettes "if you drive around old, a sophisticated palette of striking colors imbue this 19th century victorian weatherboard house in the camberwell suburb of melbourne australia designed by interior designer danielle brustman of the.

Soon after buying a three story woodwork laden victorian townhouse a couple with two young kids contracted with brooklyn based interior designer linda cava and we went with darker fabric colors, minimalism as both a philosophy and interior by turning to victorian style named for the architecture and design that emerged during the reign of queen victoria 1819-1901 victorian style has a. Alas these exuberant colors fell out of vogue after world war i moss and winkler are a husband and wife team who last year collaborated to produce ''victorian interior decoration '' now in its, victorian interior design dictates that you should liberally use both color and pattern which is certainly true of early victorian rugs depending on the room victorian era homeowners would.

After repainting the exterior in a traditional victorian era color palette geers said he remodeled the back geers also has nearly completed an extensive remodeling of the interior of the home he, of all the exterior colors out there beautiful circa 1882 victorian located in chatham new jersey its rich plum hue radiates charm and lets the white and gold gingerbread flourishes pop.

"adeline [a classic forest green] was chosen this year because the color is evocative of the victorian boho era and the trend