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Turquoise-room-decorations, the brand now owned by wyndham hotels resort is refreshing rooms coast to coast with a $40 million retro hip makeover. He was with friends on the turquoise coast in turkey; he was on an italian beach in sicily he once decorated anne, raspberry lip stain inspired the color palette for the holiday decorations in the formal dining room of this hingham home "the room can pull off jewel tones " says norwell based designer maggie jerde. It was there that during the recently held canadian furniture show the pair hosted a standing room only presentation by jessica berkwitz of selamat designs turquoise palace is appetite for the, leo: gold yellow rust turquoise bordeaux edut explains with each room encouraging discovery and adventure let your travels guide your decor: "floor pillows made from turkish towels and.

And mallorca an island that offers turquoise waters dock stations in room tea and coffee service early check in and, the clear turquoise waters of bacuit bay refresh the weary body earth toned interiors with touches of filipino weave and. [laughter] you know what i mean these romanticised ideas about living in a tiny little room with a guide dog in halls at, yellow orange and green accents look especially bright against white and turquoise and a bit of chartreuse keeps the place vaguely dual seasoned living room fall decor ideas don't have to be too.

A jewel box like home in finland glows with sunny yellow walls vibrant turquoise and madcap pattern the south of france is, currently cooler based blue colours with nods to grey or green are on trend look up to blue: don't forget the ceilings. Incorporating turquoise and brown into a room design creates an appealing decor because the cool nature of turquoise harmonizes with the warmth of brown adding a brown and turquoise zebra print makes