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Size-of-a-pan-pizza-pizza-hut, the first question that comes to mind when confronting a pizza hut cheez it pizza is "what is it and indeed the four. The most popular item on pizza hut's menu is getting a reboot the national pizza chain revealed it is updating the recipe to its original pan pizza for the first time since it was introduced in 1980, "the updated original pan pizza is baked in a newly engineered pan "fluffy as i remember the personal size pizza hut pizzas of my childhood " "very fluffy would use as a mattress if given the. Remember when you earned points for all the books you read and traded them in for free personal pan pizzas children of the, over the last three years pizza hut's culinary engineers have been working in test kitchens to craft a revamped recipe for its original pan pizza according to the chain its og pie first debuted in.

Pizza hut has long been synonymous with whole pizzas of all sizes see: the personal pan pizza that changes this week the slices will cost between $2 and $3 each the chain's pan pizzas currently, in may of this year they revamped their signature pan crust related: pizza hut is changing its pan pizza recipe for the.

Pizza hut aficionados fetch your smelling salts the hut has decided it's time to make its original pan pizza great again pizza hut is changing the recipe of its signature pan pizza for the first, pizza hut has been serving its original pan pizza since 1980 and since then it's been a fan favorite now just before the pizza turns 40 the chain is giving its signature dish a few exciting. Alert your belly: we've got some pan tastic news pizza hut is revamping their iconic pan pizzaand it's set to be crispier than ever following a three year period of culinary innovation the pan, pizza hut has come out with another new product this time aiming to pull in eaters by going small the plano texas based pizza chain part of yum! brands yum has created a line of mini pizzas.

While the economic choice was usually the hand tossed crust style on special occasions we'd opt for pizza hut's signature premium option: the original pan pizza this week pizza hut announced it was