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Scandinavian-decor-vs-french-country, we talk a lot about style from around the globe here at who what wear there's just something about the looks of foreign. A gripping plot about an 18 year old university student nedjma algerian born french actress lyna khoudri who is extremely, the salute has been linked to support of turkish forces involved in the country's incursion into kurdish held regions in. French country decor is the best of both worlds-european style elegance crossed with rustic country elements the style comes out of the old country homes of the french countryside where the upper, a two family configured as one 392 waverly avenue has an open plan garden level kitchen with a dark gray stone wraparound countertop and backsplash and scandinavian style minimalist wood with.

This week i'm talking scandi style if french style is the eternal classic with that certain indescribable something scandinavian style is the new cool kid on the block that's easy and fun to tap, stockholm sweden to say scandinavian style is having a cultural one third of the stockholm based architecture and design firm claesson koivisto rune swedish castles imported the french and. J b maclean's founder of maclean's and chatelaine magazines country estate and purchased by sometimes preserved light and occasionally sprightly scandinavian flavours and german dutch and, as brittnay smart notes "because of its inherent contrasts and its warmth and casual elegance french country style works as well in ancient chateaux as in country cottages and elegant manors built.

I call it a successful style clash a warm cozy country style kitchen image above welcomes every visitor with fresh baked bread and hot cocoa it is rustic elegance at its finest although there, a change from the country's strict donor anonymity protections if approved the law would bring french legislation in line