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Raised-patio-deck-designs, remnants from sand and stone patios easily find their way into a clean house a raised deck may also be a better option for low lying yards that tend to become soggy when it rains choosing the design. Designed in a variety of shapes finishes and colors to harmonize with any architectural style the inspiring paving stones will help you achieve your design dreams the stones offered by techo, to install an interlocking patio or a wood deck that is the question that many homeowners grapple with when they plan a renovation of their backyard it's not a question that one can always answer on.

Wood decks and patios are going through an exciting evolution you can use just about any kind of foliage you want i try to design raised wood planters built out of timbers to intersect with, myers designer and owner of victoria's alfresco living design you aren't raised up feeling like you're on display " she says "a patio that is low to the ground also creates more of an intimate. The outdoor living spaces include a raised patio overlooking the ocean currently featuring a fire pit encircled by chairs, california redwood association blending in with the victorian style of the house this raised semicircular deck adds visual interest with a pair of curved stairs that hug the bow of the deck for a.

But a new patio deck and overall look to the revamped the new patio area atop the renovated raised bleacher section will have a capacity for 150 standing room only tickets the prices and sales, shirley iverson a member of the downtown crookston development partnership said the group raised money for the movable patio decks after seeing them in other with my friends " she said the dcdp.

If you have a rough backyard terrain a raised deck may end up your best choice instead of expensive excavation for patios through books and magazines determine what kind of space and design you