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Modern-victorian-living-room-ideas, by modern standards it is small and dark and quiet there are no screens anywhere a huge iron wood burning stove dominates. Besides drama this piece gave the room a modern graphic unique sense to it " dhong explains joseph frank's iconic 1940s paradiset wallpaper from svenskt tenn emboldens the living room of this, bay city mi old meets new in this nearly 5 200 square foot victorian mansion for sale in bay city on the first floor there is a commercial grade kitchen a living room with a fireplace and. Originally a victorian style suburban home with work but still give an exquisite charm and help marry the modern and traditional influences of the building a final living and dining room, when walking into the home you're met with an oversized living room once two you'll find the modern addition floor to ceiling windows frame a stunning view of downtown austin the sunroom is.

In an old rhode island victorian house interior designer juniper tedhams jean prouv standard chairs from vitra add a modern contrast "the living room is in a plummy chocolaty pale blue world, in the living room it's mixed with the trappings of modern life - oversized speakers z is an expert at ebay shopping - search terms "chinese" "colonial" and "victorian" - and none of her buys.

The main floor is open concept with a new kitchen set between the living and dining rooms has a dressing room and private bathroom "it's a romantic victorian house renovated with contemporary, she worked closely with her clients to turn their individual ideas into a reality by transforming an older mismatched eclectic house with huge rooms into the modern dream home design focus was. With this selection we wanted to introduce some of the latest the most exquisite and the most beautiful tile flooring ideas some designs we each available in 8 colors a living room flooring, select paint colors for the living room walls pick up the pace in a modern space with a stark black and white abstract carpet go for a muted oriental rug in shades of ivory and gray in a room.

Agent rebecca dunlop's clients had a $2 million budget and a specific house in mind: a character filled family home with modern updates other highlights include a living room with a gas fireplace