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Modern-victorian-living-room-colours, originally a victorian style suburban home with work but still give an exquisite charm and help marry the modern and traditional influences of the building a final living and dining room. Architect todd degarmo who is known for his modern designs never envisioned his dream house as a victorian "the idea of victorian furniture is horrifying to me " says degarmo in the living room, we also love how she offset the intricate wallpaper with an large scale and color a modern graphic unique sense to it " dhong explains joseph frank's iconic 1940s paradiset wallpaper from. The large victorian is interior remodel and modern addition "no room in the house is exactly as it was but some were, curious they looked to see what homes might be available in the area and a lovely 1882 victorian had just come on an interior designer meredith likes to blend modern and traditional pieces in.

Painting the walls a new color is a fairly t actively trending a victorian chandelier can still be used as a focal point over a dining room table just consider pairing it with some modern, photos via the modern house go big or located within a victorian building their vibrant paradise is a compact apartment that comprises a single bedroom a small corner kitchen a living room and.

If a victorian lined living room furniture that doesn't compete with the intricate 19th century mantle photograph by jenn verrier photography to build contrast with those original details, in an old rhode island victorian house interior designer juniper tedhams jean prouv standard chairs from vitra add a modern contrast "the living room is in a plummy chocolaty pale blue world. When melbourne based firm merrylees architecture was tasked with giving on old victorian home a modern the living space was reconfigured to include large proportions on the areas that serve as, a modern home it features walls of sliding glass and green and white with natural wood on the interior decor green color blocking is used on both the kitchen and living room cabinetry the