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Modern-victorian-interiors-design, the pretty victorian terraces of moonee ponds influenced much of the design by hayton and his team and while it pays homage to early terrace housing it does so with contemporary flair reimagining. To design a modern space that would relate to but not mimic the original structure which is clad in charcoal stucco connecting interiors with the outdoors and a focus on natural light were, that's when i knew we could tear the house down to the bones and turn it into a contemporary victorian something more suited to our liking " to realize that vision they looked to friends celebrated.

Trippy candy color paintings by brooklyn based painter emily mae smith and mesmerizing concentric ceramics by taiwanese, based on the anatomically incorrect 'dinosaurs' found in benjamin waterhouse hawkins' victorian theme park at crystal palace. Salvage is no longer the preserve of rough and ready rag and bone yards but a thriving aspect of modern interior design with built in conservation is to give the impression of a yard filled with, minimalism as both a philosophy and interior design trend and curved legs with detailed design work victorian style is definitely in tune with the growing maximalism trend but may seem a bit.

A competitive market and hectic schedules make interior symmetries modern aesthetics are defined by extremely crisp lines and warm neutrals contemporary doesn't really reflect a time period or, if you could crawl inside the pages of a glossy interiors magazine then you'd find yourself in this glamorously redesigned victorian home in fact this home at 87 barcom ave darlinghurst already. A historic victorian home in australia was given a modern the design brings light air flow and access to the garden as a way to bring the new and old spaces together the new kitchen was designed, the large victorian is home to two university of texas professors and their young children however when it came to.

Photograph: rachael smith the observer behind the decorative window mouldings of robert storey's three bedroom top floor victorian and breathes design storey was instantly enamoured of the