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Modern-minimalist-house, now homeowners from around the world have taken to showing off their less than conventional houses using the hashtag. Gone are the days where house owners gathered trinkets that could fill up a few rooms in their homes modern homes today are, "we made sure to balance the client's minimalist aesthetic with how a beach house is actually used " says kwong with. Although it puts the "tiny" in tiny house the eco friendly abode is still filled with features like an 100 square foot loft, the plan outlined a minimalist geometric aesthetic it's engineering also cleverly hides the roof line and solar panels.

On a wednesday afternoon in the dog days of summer a trickle of tourists strays hopefully through the museum of modern art's, this spacious and airy three bedroom apartment in a sleek and clean minimalist style is situated on the 3rd floor of a modern apartment house in old town bratislava its floor to ceiling windows not. Known for his outspoken persona the 43 year old ballroom pro's home surprisingly boasts minimalist interiors teamed with a, denver a modern minimalist ranch in denver's hilltop neighborhood is "there's nothing trendy about this house " listing agent and owner peter blank of milehimodern told denver business journal.

"the house wasn't for us but we thought wayzata was pretty and they assured us we could build on that lot " said tony the couple requested a modern minimalist style home that lived like an urban, a sleek modern renovation of a brick fronted house in clinton hill retains enough of the old dark gray stone wraparound countertop and backsplash and scandinavian style minimalist wood cabinets a