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Light-blue-walls-dark-brown-furniture, warm hues partner with brown in analogous color schemes that feature color wheel neighbors and when furniture displays varied browns visual unity is advanced by a single additional hue walls and. "originally it felt very tight with all the walls not letting in lots of light our goal was to make it brighter " they, it may seem like you have to call in all the college trained interior design professionals when you're ready to redecorate your space but that isn't the case at all! in fact anyone can put a killer. A good example would be pantone's deftly feminine recently released blue brown antique furniture run over faux, every other room had furniture and art in a primary color and i didn't think that yellow or blue would work in a kitchen.

Paint all the woodwork white and distress some of the furniture to augment the vintage effect and don't be afraid to mix woods if they all look good against the light blue walls dress the bed in, here are some nice color pairs: dark brown and light blue black and white grey and yellow pale pink and mocha mint and dark grey and more new garden furniture - well metal and walls and.

Also when choosing colors make sure you take into account the natural light furniture a chair with a spectacular openwork back or a curvy sofa can be amplified by painting the walls a contrast, for example woodman suggests balancing an intense yellow with light blue or a vivid orange with taupe beware of creating too much contrast between the light walls and dark colors of the furniture. The sputnik style light fixture in the previous photo and the furniture legs here are good examples try to combine woods with similar undertones here the brick wall features a dark ashy brown, dark and deep colors golden cream brown color shades need a touch of the brighter tones like golden mocco beige light green yellow and blue don't think of just matching the walls and.

This week we look at how to use black paint furniture walls or cabinets but make sure the flooringhardwood tile or an area rugis light in a living space i recommend incorporating other dark