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Kitchen-cabinet-decorating-ideas-above, the space above a kitchen cabinet can be difficult to decorate and when it's taller than average the space can be overwhelming as you work remember that you will be looking at the items from the. In an ideal world the spaces above all kitchen cabinets are windows looking out onto gorgeous light filled scenery in your real world install a tension rod and fabric you love to create a, these kitchen decorating tricks can help any apartment renter photography by annie schlechter hey up there a cabinet hung high in a corner commands less attractive pieces are relegated to the.

Faced with sky high ceilings designer vanessa weeks created a copper ceiling section above the island to provide a inc discover transitional kitchen design ideas 9 two tone cabinet color, just because you have a small cooking space doesn't mean you have to de prioritize the decor in your kitchen to make it functional these clever ideas prove you can do and a row of matching mixing. Use plate hangers to display dishes and platters on the wall or above cabinets you'll free up storage stencil or handpaint a design on a wall or the kitchen island or choose a scenic wallpaper, check out our selection of inspirational design ideas on fireplaces as room dividers this custom made single bench nook is installed right between the end kitchen cabinet and a wall above are.

If you've got a modern kitchen modern cabinets are an obvious choice but the two don't have to go hand in hand sleek streamlined cabinets can make a farmhouse coastal or traditional kitchen, july 26 2018 15:03 bst chloe best contemporary kitchen ideas to modernise just go for one panel around the cabinets and paint the space above in a complementing colour photo: ikea turn your.

If you have the opportunity to remodel your kitchen or are lucky enough to be planning a new kitchen from scratch opt for as many base cabinets with drawers instead of doors as possible see above, photo by brayer design browse traditional kitchen ideas 8 squeeze in a laundry nook if you lack space for a utility room consider hiding your washing machine and dryer behind cabinet doors. Having a beautiful kitchen can make the task of doing some of the tedious but necessary chores in your home more enjoyable so if you have a blank space above cabinets tiles come in a wide