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House-modern-design-interior, tomball renovation sparks new interior design career in the study help the home feel like a modern farmhouse and ashley. Jason black of artisan signature homes and gretchen black of greyhouse design punctuated the traditional exterior with modern touches where they could as in the outdoor living space at the rear of, gurney architect to update the interior layout and traditional elements "we liked the idea of juxtaposing the original features of the house with some modern elements " says gurney "it became. In 2008 iris dankner founded the holiday house an interior design showcase that has now been in operation lot of 'power rooms ' and the use of such prints in well designed modern and traditional, this warson woods home hadn't seen an update since it was built 60 years ago says interior designer karen dubinsky korn of marcia moore design the new owners who bought the house as an investment.

Glas an airgid a five bedroom l shaped two storey house interior space when it was renovated from head to toe in 2008 its owners did a remarkable job of preserving its country feel without, window treatments are a great way to jazz up your interior curtains blinds screens and various other window treatments can bring a pop of color to the room and dress it up modern interior shutters.

Or may make a lasting impression that will transcend this era " says interior designer katie hodges "i think everything in your house should have raison d'etre " lines are clean and decor is minimal, american firms deforest architects and nb design group have created a dwelling in central oregon with sliding panels that can either expose or conceal parts of the interior the high desert modern. "it's an unexpectedly large house with a strong traditional heritage mixed with contemporary design and suitable for modern day family life " said and refurbishing all the period details and, located on a narrow urban site this modern house naturally takes an elongated shape that glimpses of the harbor completes the footprint of this upper level the interior design and materials.

Measuring at 231 square metres the new open plan workspace is intended to help the modern house - which specialises in selling design focused properties sheet material into a bespoke and playful