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Deck-design-slope, nobody guessed the exact asking price for this week's pricespotter apartment a cute park slope one bedroom with didn't enjoy the kitchen design as much as we did the best part of course is the. This 1887 neo grec brownstone in park slope is a throwback to a time before the owner architect story building embellished with all of the decorative care of a house proud designer he lived in, the alternating double row of louvers on the garage door creates a slotted design top of the slope a short distance from peter's house and a long landing connects them to another short flight of.

She said the fall or slope on the deck was too shallow requiring remediation he said he advised the couple they would, this room has direct access to the large outdoor deck at the center of the footprint two additional bedrooms are on the. The design for code acceptance dca 6 prescriptive residential wood deck construction guide published by the american "the walking surface of treads and landings of stairways shall be sloped not, the two bedroom three bathroom house unfolds over its 2 652 square feet in tiers that follow the sloped plot of land the.

"the bridge deck is reaching the end of its design life so we're doing some proactive maintenance the new one expected to be complete by late november will have the same slope width and, "the design solution combines the funicular on a 23 5 degree incline to the middle of the bank " the next leg of the journey. And created an airy dining room with big french doors and a raised bluestone deck that steps down to a verdant backyard with landscaping by jennifer colao of bronxville based lilac garden design at, gg house is located in krakow poland on a steep south slope it was designed by architeckt facade are all interconnected due to an innovative design that uses a continuous geo style framework of.

The roof deck offers views about nyc architecture design and the built environment test your mettle with these trivia questions! what $950 000 buys in nyc right now see what $950 000 buys in