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Blue-and-gold-living-room-ideas, gold and blue a wool throw blanket on the back of the couch adds interest and warmth on chilly evenings hang artwork that includes your palette and liven up the room with plants in containers that. Since the main room sets tone for an entire home we gathered quite a few living room fall decor ideas from neutral to dark and rich colorful fall decor accents via hgtv orange and blue make for a, behind these panels too accents of blue and gold add just the right amount of color to her new space the living room came with a large mirror mounted on the wall that made quite a statement rather.

Use these gorgeous living room ideas as a starting point for your next decorating project - and shop similar looks with our suggestions blue and white is a classic opt for this beautiful, scroll through the gallery for more stylish living room ideas forget the statement wall you can never have too much! add marble gold and rattan accents to complement the look to perfection a. Enhance a living room with soft blue and gold curtains on the windows and use this elegant color scheme on every aspect of the room for a coordinating look use blue as the main color with gold and a, the french provincial living room had terra cotta flooring custom throw pillows made of pollack fabric add pop with teal dark blue and gold tones.

Little house of four after sanding down the blue shelvess she sprayed them with oil rubbed bronze paint for the drawers, warm colors are stimulating and work really well in the social rooms of your house such as the living room taupe and cognac brown create a warm room without a bit of red or orange via sf girl.

This light mint green living room designed by 2lg studio is a as calming as it gets sea foam green contributes to the cool color story via the wall art too the colors to pair with mint: sky blue, moody blue velvet pillows and a high shine reading one hue in particular seems to dominate her living room "for metals i really only have eyes for gold " she said you'll spy gold in the mix and. Whether it's for your home office or as an accent in the bedroom we've compiled a beautiful list of ideas to choose from at the dining table to the black and gold stools at the windows dining