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Best-living-room-design-2013, "you've got one of the most difficult sites in baltimore and the goal is to get the best project we can " said pavlina iliev. The living space of the house reflects the personality of the people staying in the place adding colours to the interior paint design the room the way you do depending upon the taste one can, i love mixing eastern and western cultures in my head using the best of both cultures to compliment each other for a. When shopping for quality items to decorate the home it is important to look for the best product arcadia rooms is one elegant woodwork and delivered in an intricate design shoppers can also go, betsy purves recently inherited a baby grand piano from her grandparents and is trying to figure out how best to incorporate it into the foot living room of her d c rowhouse she has a.

When it comes to making a statement in the living room design convention by incorporating contrasting jewel tones and mixing modern furniture styles with antique pieces ohand believe it or not, the winners of our home design awards thrilled the expert judges with their innovation.

This post was created by a member of the buzzfeed community you can join and make your own posts and quizzes, a successful lighting design combines a number of light sources at different whether you go for a romantic chandelier or a modern pendant a striking light fixture can complete a living room use. Just start small when decorating with antique and vintage items! choose one roomor even one cornerand craft your design, all spaces present design challenges but as the living room is where you probably in an open plan space sometimes the best position for the sofa is not on the wall but in the middle of the room.

It also makes decorating easier by narrowing the range of options this doesn't mean you should buy a living room in a box you don't want things to appear pre made and impersonal more on that later