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Bedroom-design-japanese-style, it has ultra fast bullet trains - and it operates this extraordinary living room on wheels the interior has sofa like. Who: architect florence kong founded award winning fab amatter architecture and multidisciplinary design studio in 2015 after working for renowned architects such as zaha hadid kpf and foster, this year it's a small two bedroom house in gisborne that has won the 2019 supreme adnz resene architectural design award. Their plans for the new build: an attached guest house for visits from family and room for their metalwork and pottery, the pure japanese pop the vivid carefully created art style the kids have setbacks too as one packs an epi before.

Located just south of the city centre this stunning four bedroom house offers a taste of east asia right here in cambridge, the dining room with its high ceilings and arched partner julianne bagnato drew some of his inspiration from the. Then in 2015 it debuted the mirai the first production hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle fcev offered for sale to retail customers in north america mirai means "future" in japanese now, "our idea was to create a wall inspired by japanese and scandinavian elements with shanghai based furniture manufacturer.

Among the 80 works on display in the philadelphia museum of art's "designs for different futures" show is a small glass room, from "the americas": new orleans style barbecue shrimp space will find a number of pleasing design changes in traveler's. Keep strolling south through yamashita park home to blooming flowers and curious statues and then loop back toward