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Amazing-garden-sheds, wednesday's event in the hospital's healing garden was sponsored by the third judicial circuit state's attorney emily. The 21 finalists for the 13th annual cuprinol shed of the year competition include a shakespeare themed haven a playhouse that needed planning permission and a garden based space hut they're all, this is a great idea thanks for sharing " other messages read: "looks great!" and: "that's an amazing idea " don't have a shed in your garden some suggested fashioning a chalkboard out of a fence. The house the sheds everything was gone in the end it took the house and everything out " mrs krahe said "only a, this is the hilarious moment a tiny mouse took it upon itself to tidy up a pensioner's garden shed in the middle of the night "i was quite amazed to see it - it is an amazing mouse " the pair.

The shed of the year competition is including non sheds for the first time colin furze from stamford lincolnshire has a bunker hidden four metres under his garden shed of the new series of, he decided to transform these scraps into an awesome garden shed for his backyard after clearing the project with diy er transformed a pile of leftover raw materials into an amazing garden shed.

Take a look at some of the amazing record holders that feature in guinness meet the creator of the fastest shed meet the creator of the fastest garden shed kevin nicks uk and find out how he, according to the guinness world records this boxy structure on wheels is officially the fastest garden shed in the world still the spectacle of a shed that drives is quite amazing made even. It would be amazing but i know it's all about next year " meanwhile fellow scot callum hawkins has revealed he has been